Individual Investors

Welcome to Adams Diversified Equity Fund.

Many of our shareholders are a part of our investment family because someone – perhaps a generation ago – in their own family had faith in us. If your story is similar, we hope to continue to earn your confidence. As such, we never forget that our purpose is to invest, protect, and grow your investments. Over the years, markets have moved up and down, sometimes for no clear reason.  Our strategy has been to cast our gaze upon the horizon for the long-term view, using as our approach steadiness, diversification, and prudent investment decisions. And the results have been financial legacies that can be passed down through the years.

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Individual Investors

Stock and Distribution

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Net Asset Value: $15.50
Closing Price: $13.06
Discount: -15.7%

This is the closing price from the NYSE on 10/07/2015

2014 8.8%

*The annual distribution rate is the total dividends and capital gain distributions divided by the average month-end market price of the Fund's Common Stock for the twelve months ended October 31.

As of September 8, 2011, the Fund committed to an annual distribution rate of at least 6%.