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Adams Diversified Equity Fund is a diversified equity fund with a conservative investment philosophy.  The Fund has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange since the 1800's and as an investment fund since 1929.  The Fund has paid dividends continuously since 1935.

The portfolio is managed with the expectation that it will generate market returns with lower-than-market risk for shareholders. Investments are made with an eye towards protecting your original investment and generating dividends and capital gains that can be used as a source of income, or reinvested to increase your holdings in the Fund.

In September 2011, the Board of Directors committed that the Fund will annually distribute to stockholders 6% of the Fund's trailing 12-month average month end market price.  This means Adams Diversified Equity Fund stockholders can count on receiving a 6% annual distribution, or more, for the foreseeable future in both up and down markets.  The Board of Directors and the Fund's management team have taken this action to demonstrate our commitment to providing our stockholders with consistent, predictable distributions for years to come.  Adams Diversified Equity Fund and Adams Natural Resources Fund have made distributions every year for over 79 years.  For more information, please click on 6% minimum distribution.

The Fund's lead portfolio manager, Mark Stoeckle, CEO, succeeded Douglas Ober on February 11, 2013. Mr. Stoeckle has over 30 years of experience in financial services and asset management. James Haynie, President, has been a member of the portfolio management team since August 2013, and Nancy Prue, Executive Vice President, joined the team in March 2010. They are supported by a team of research analysts that looks for investments that offer long-term earnings growth at a reasonable price. The analysts’ recommendations are presented to the portfolio managers and are reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Adams Diversified Equity Fund is internally managed, which means that additional expenses are not incurred to pay an outside investment adviser. This helps to keep our expenses low. Over time, such low expenses have served to increase investment returns for our shareholders.  As a closed-end fund, the portfolio is managed independently of the supply and demand for its shares. This permits management to make decisions with a long-term investment horizon, working with a stable pool of capital, and allows the Fund to stay fully invested.

You can buy shares of Adams Diversified Equity Fund the same way you purchase any other stock. You may purchase shares through your broker or through the Investors Choice Stock Purchase & Sale Plan sponsored by our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Co. (AST).

For information about the AST Plan, you may telephone them toll free at (877) 260-8188 or visit AST here.

If you would like additional information, please call us at (800) 638-2479 or send e-mail to:

Investment Information

Stock and Distribution

Nav & Stock Price Per Share
Net Asset Value: $15.50
Closing Price: $13.06
Discount: -15.7%

This is the closing price from the NYSE on 10/07/2015

2014 8.8%

*The annual distribution rate is the total dividends and capital gain distributions divided by the average month-end market price of the Fund's Common Stock for the twelve months ended October 31.

As of September 8, 2011, the Fund committed to an annual distribution rate of at least 6%.