The Adams Express Company has thrived for more than 150 years, its first 75 years as one of the nation's leading independent express companies, and in subsequent years as one of the largest closed-end investment funds. The Company's story parallels much of America's business history, from the early days of transportation and manufacturing through expansion across our continent and the oceans – contributing to the ease and speed of transporting documents, currency, and securities to today's information-based financial services industry.  

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Alvin Adams was already 50 years old when
he presided over the meeting in New York
City where the Adams Express Company was formally incorporated on July 1, 1854. By any reasonable measure of the day, he had enjoyed a full, successful career. However, with the granite features of his native New England and the shrewd expression of a lifelong entrepreneur, he was not at an ending but a beginning.


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2013 7.1%

*The annual distribution rate is the total dividends and capital gain distributions divided by the average month-end market price of the Fund's Common Stock for the twelve months ended October 31.

As of September 8, 2011, the Fund committed to an annual distribution rate of at least 6%.